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Use my therapy materials free of charge for working with your clients. The code you need is provided in my book „The Holistic Threatment of Sleep Disorders“

Dr. Carolin Marx-Dick

» You can use these templates directly in your threatment: «

Questionnaires for diagnosis

Work sheets for your clients

Diary templates for different purposes

Information sheets for patient education

These topics are covered within the book:


The book „The Holistic Treatment of Sleep Disorders“ clearly conveys a complete holistic therapy concept for the treatment of sleep disorders and thus continues the previous work „Non-organic Sleep Disorders“ by Dr. Carolin Marx-Dick. Based on the knowledge of the functions of sleep and the obvious consequences of sleep disorders, Dr. Carolin Marx-Dick describes the multimodal treatment in terms of mind-body medicine with the help of compact and tried-and-tested instructions. Work and patient materials are provided to enable uncomplicated and short-term application of the therapy methods.
Overview tables provide practitioners with quick orientation for diagnostics, therapy planning and the use of targeted therapy modules. All the methods presented have been tried and tested in treatment practice and are regularly used in the author’s day-to-day therapy.


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